The Six Main Beliefs of Islam

After accepting Islam, one must have the six basic beliefs or creeds as described below. These are also called the six pillars of Faith. without having these six main beliefs, a man should not considered a Muslim.

A Muslim must believe.

  1. Belief in Allah (God)  Believe Allah Almighty is One, Unique, Unlike His Creation, Perfect in every way; Not like or in His Creation.
  2. Belief in Angels – Are the creation of Allah, Made from light, follow Allah’s orders perfectly, never make mistakes and are never disobedient (devil is not a fallen angel in Islam). 
  3. Belief in Books (Scriptures or God’s revealed books) – Torah (Old Testament), Suhoof (Scriptures of prophets), Zabur (Psalms), Enjil (Evangel or New Testament), Quran (Recitation to Muhammad)
  4. Belief in the Prophets (Messengers of Allah)  – Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Muhammad, and others mentioned in Books, peace be upon them all. All are the Prophets and Messengers of Allah.
  5. Belief in Resurrection after death  All people, believers and disbelievers will be resurrected for Judgment Day in real flesh and blood bodies to be judged.
  6. Divine Destiny – Allah has complete control of all that happens, both good and evil and He has full knowledge of it all.

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